Top 10 Hindi Songs of 2000s

This decade was a change of time in Bollywood many Stars bid adieu in this decade and joined the bandwagon. The promise of bright future is visible in the eyes of many artist, and some experienced eyes eyed retirement. The top of top 10 songs in this decade are as follows:-

To 10 Songs which rocked in Y2K and its decade are:-

1. Agar tum mil jaao zamaana chhod denge hum (Zeher):-

Fantastic song in voice in upcoming artist of that time Shreya Ghoshal made big boom and a success in between both female and male listeners. A hard working but cute and strict professional in nature Singer. Delicacy in voice reflects in personality. Now the next number is.

2. Maine Dil se kaha Dhundh Laana Khushi (Rog):-

A fanatic movie and irrfan in a different role may not have much takers but this song had many takers some of the audience went to see this song.

3. Awaarapan Banjarapan (Jism):-

Pathbreaking movie in Indian Cinema Where Jism typo name is of B Class mivie despite much hype and agitation by few parts of the society movie is a hit. A debut of stunning Bipasha a role model of many girls and awesome John Abraham. They the sea of change in industry. Kunal Ganjawala was at his best in this song. Kunal was considered a dark horse of that time.

4. Bheege honth tere (Murder):-

Another out of leak movie which rode the same wave as Jism, the Serial Kisser arrived in Industry Emraan Hashmi. Many movies followed but this movie and this song specially shoke India and Old Cinema Ideology which some quoted maturity of social mindset and some marked it vulgarity. We are not going to discuss here all this in detail. But background is important to justify my choices in top 10.

5. Maula mere Maula (Anwar):-

Anwar despite not making a big noise on box office this song is able to set itself in top 10 of many hearts. The mix of peaks and softness blended by Rathode Sahab has made it worth listening.

6. Jeeya Dhadak Dhadak Jaaye (Kalyug):-

A chart buster from very talented Rahat Sahab and best thing is modulation of voice he have. This is difficult and it is quiet difficult to imitate him. He can sing a complete song at top pitch. Very talented and one of the most loved artist in Sub-Continent.

7. Laagi tumse mun ki lagaan (Paap):-

Another crackling performance by the son of talented Rahet Fateh Ali Khan. Classical semi-classical he sings effortlessly. The mood of song is well expressed by Rahat Sahab. Song is quiet quirky but he gave his own style to the song, And thing I missed to mention here is the music is fantastic.

8. Ek Paal ka jeena(Kaho Na Pyaar hai):-

A stunning number which rocked many disco maniacs. Great to see first movie of a new star went big hit. Understanding is that this movie didnt had stars but still it is able to give us star like Hrithik.

9. Ghanan Ghanan ghir aaye badra (Lagaan):-

A soothing number from legendary Aamir Khan’s movie and suits the time to sung at those places where scanty rainfall is registered. A perfect festivity of rainfall celebrated in India. Song is soothing to watch same as you enjoy listening.

10. Dhoom Macha le Dhoom (Dhoom):-

The star performance of Sunidhi made youngsters miss heart for this song. This made every break horn reverse horn of that time. This movie also made bike sale double that year. One more part Of this movie awaited this year.

Here  I conclude my post and will be eager to know your top 10?? Do Comment & let  me know your choices.

I also conclude here top 10 songs of decades third and final part.



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