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Is Income Tax Calculation driving you nuts? May be this post brings and end to your pain and agony, So Presenting you the top 5 apps which makes your life simpler in calculating your taxable income, Tax liabilities, your savings, more savings which needs to be done, loans and updates from various Tax Institutions, updates from law making agencies, Recent Judgements by Honourable Supreme Court for the calculation of Tax and helps you calculate your tax liability to the government.


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Think Tax –  Androidimage


Presenting first app of the five and I must say this App is easy to use, it can calculate the tax based on your income. Once you put in the details like Salary Distribution, Savings, Investments, Loan repayments, Insurance the app will calculate your liability.  You can save results on your phone, or email it to someone or even can share it with others via sharing tool.


My Tax India – Androidimage


The best part of this app is that it not only calculates your tax but also informs you what is your tax liability and hence how much more investment is required to save from liability. Good GUI and multi user entry makes it more user friendly and it shows you in graphical expression where your savings are and how much you have saved tax from it. It is a most sort after applications for the purpose as this apps is solving two purposes first identifying How much Investments are made which saved your how much Tax. Second how much more investment is required to level up the remaining tax liability.


Tax Guide with 10 Calculators – Android


Another entrant from Android family is different from others in the sense that this particular app is designed for professionals as compared to other apps which are encoded targeting amateurs. The target segment of this particular app is chartered accountants, tax lawyers, cost accountants etc. The reason of the comment in the above line is that these professionals have to deal daily various aspects of Indian Tax Law, the new judgements and mandates given by Honourable Supreme Court of India.  Also this app serves news on taxation hence to keep you abreast of what is happening in the taxonomy and hence you can chalk out the strategy to work on it.


Income Tax Calculator – Symbian



Finally an App which is not Android which I am going to talk about in my Blog. So here is an App which is based on Symbian Platform. Added advantage of this App is it gives a step by step guide to calculate tax. Feed in the home screen with your income source and other personal information and wait, the app takes you to and exhaustive Tax calculation/deduction page. This screen will show deduction/calculation fields with basic exemption, tax payable under various sections, education cess and final Tax amount.


Tax News and Views Widgets


This app is an fine product from the house of Its interactivity is the main eye catcher as here in this app readers and read, write and discuss on every aspect of Indian taxation. Every type of Taxation covered here like Property, Income, Capital Gains, Share or business. Thus this feature can help you find answers to your queries help fellows with there issues and update yourself with the news and updates from Government of India regarding Indian Tax Laws and amendments.



Hence with these 5 Super Apps for Tax Planning you will now be able to calculate your income tax as well as others. So need to run behind the chartered accountants for getting your tax liabilities levelled up. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any queries/comments/feedback regarding the post or blog please do comment here or drop me an Email @ I will be really more than happy in finding answers to the query and to share and gain knowledge with you.




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