Why not to be a Traditional Blogger- Tips for Path-breaking Success being Online Entrepreneur

Why not to be Traditional Bloggers- tips to be successful

Traditional as a word is never considered to be a negative in online world and being tradition online is not sign of being not good as  a blogger. But traditional is referred as the Bloggers who are Working on the content,making the websites SEO friendly, and similar stuff which can help the Blog to rank better in the search Engine. Traditionally Search Engine ranking was the only factor which used to make bloggers burn the night bulb but with the advent of new Blogging technologies and the support from the search Engine plus the new sites which established a new fact that you can have a successful blog. The Social sites and the forums took the place of search engines and the rankings of those blogs with better backlinks with such authority sites surpassed those who had better search Engine ranking. Alongside to forums Social Sites also came in and played the role of major croud pullers for those who are looking for traffic other than Search Engine. So now the focus has to be changed and now the Blogger has to not only look at the Blog and the inner areas of improvements in it. But also has to look at the perimeter and the external factors which increased the page ranking with the help of these factors but few bad things make the backlinks get bad names attached to. With the increase in number of Internet users the Spam, Scam and Hacking also appeared and the count of sites being hacked or defaced became a big threat for such bloggers. Now the Bloggers need safety as well as has to make sure from whom they are getting backlinks from. These backlinks started hurting if the bad sites were your neighbors. But Search Engine came with the solution to disavow links thus the webmaster can disavow any backlink from unwanted site not to be crawled by web. Disavow tool became a great help for the site masters, but its uncontrolled usage came as a big challenge. A recent video by Google Engineer Matt Cutts is really helpful to use and how to get rid of common mistakes in using Disavow tool.


In even Google Engineer has to clarify in below message that the backlinks to bad sites which is not under your control wont hurt you in general but with some conditions applied.



The new tips for you which can help you in the long run is as follows and yes you could be a traditional blogger but with some granular changes that would come by reading these tips:-

1. Backlinks are never generated by itself you have to build the backlinks with authority sites and yes compromising by some of your Google Juice passed on to those sites. Contact with the webmasters of the authority sites and ask for backlinks considering your efforts in enriching their sites user experience. You can enrich user experience of a authority site by making effective comments, by guest posting and also by backlinking your content towards the website.

2. Write killer contents not on your website but also write killer editorial reviews as well. If you are good in reviewing any particular set of things (May be Websites, Hostings, Books or Movies) or anything which ever you are good at I am sure you can write killer content but also you can generate killer Reviews.

3. Posting DIY Youtube videos is another fantastic way to grab attention of visitors on youtube looking for the solution of the problems via videos. And if you are able to provide the solutions to them on videos the people will crash your website banging for reading for what you have put in writing.

4. Contests is no more something which people want to win and brag about but it is the way to connect and build a community around. People I have seen is not bothered about the offerings that you have in display but the sense of victory drags them to play and connect with your site. But over utilization will make your site move from your content to contest hub and this is not you are targeting for.

5. Helping people offline you may have many a people around your city who are into blogging connect with them in real world and develop friendship this will help you get lot of recommendations from fellow bloggers. If you are able to solve the issue of people around you in real world they will become your brand ambassadors thus will bring in 10 more loyal visitors with word of mouth.

6. Connecting with your readers is very important it can be developed by thought provoking articles as well the connections in social sites you did the offline stuff but the offline has a limitation but if you are able to help people online. You are going to get referrals right away.

So these are the best tips which can help you bring a change in traditional ways of building a blog site you own. You have to make mistakes to devise new ideas to make people talk about your online estate. If you have more tips to share with the fellow readers do share it with us. If you want to drop in a suggestion, feedback or ideas for a new post or some new angle of thinking about these tips you can drop by in our contact us page. Also you can ping me on any of the social sites and I will be happy to include them referring your name.


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