Wind Power Non perishable Source of Energy

Wind is an Non-perishable, indimnishable and uninterrupted source of Energy, I used to see few years back the Devas Wind Power Stations Based at Madhya Pradesh Asia’s Biggest Wind Power Generation Stations and used to feel that how much untapped resouces of Energy we are letting Go Off Every Day. This Generator can Pull Under Ground Water can Even Generate Electricity and Also can work as a Flour Mill and so on and So forth. The Worthiness and the Best Thing about this resource is it is a One Time Investment and life time Earning. We can even finsh the power crisis of India With this reource forever. The Main Constraint this has is the Land to be Utilized by its stations, But that is even not a constraint in India as we have enough of the Barren land with lots of winds.

Even these Generators could be set up on Sea Shore and they Could make Fortunes for India.
We will further more talk about such unconventional sources in detail in my upcming Blogs…..

Coming back to the Point these Generators have an installation cost but this could be beared both by the Private Parties and the Government via PPP model (Which is successfull in India) as of now. Even we can generate that much energy we can even fill the gap of energy supply demand of our small neighbouring countries like burma and Nepal.
The Main Point of it made successfull is the Place of Installation as the Wind requirement should be fullfilled in the year round as without wind these Generators are useless.

I have a Suggestion! Why not an NGO sets itself up and make sure the installation of Wind Mills in the country with Public Money and Pay Back Government with the 20% Revenue Generated after installation as TAX or the Industrial TAX and rest be kept by the NGO for operational cost and proft for the Investors…..Or Even the Government can come and Join this later in the stage and bear Operational Cost and Hence make sure the Un Interrupted supply of this resource.

Strategic Locations that could be used for these Wind Mills:-
1. The Konkan Area in Maharashtra.
2. Rayalseema.
3. Raan of Kutcch in Gujarat.
4. Bay Of Bengal.
5. Orissa Sea Cost.
6. The Coastal Areas of River Ganges in Uttar Pradesh.
7. Karnataka and Tamil Nadu Sea Border.

Hence we have enough places where there would be non stop supply of wind that too without cost….Only some people need to come forward and take initiative.

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