Wireless Internet on Handhelds

Wireless Internet has an emerging market these days and a ray of hope for the Telecom Industry in deep trouble post cut throat competitive voice call rates slashed. Wireless internet on 3G/CDMA are the two ways in which customers can get itself connected to Internet World. CDMA technologies have a upper hand due to technological advantage which gives better bandwidth and faster Internet speed in comparison to 3G.
Let us try to dig into the Technicalities of this Technology.

What is WAP? WAP is Wireless Application Protocol and the definition states that it is a Protocol (rules to perform a job in networking) which works as a interface between the external world(HTTP) and  your handheld. With this Protocol the wireless internet version website on your handheld. More description on the inner protocols like WAE, WSP, WTP, WTLS, WDP, Network carrier.

Push Mail is another happening in this whole scenario as everybody in this world wants its Official and Personal Mails work on Handheld hence can check and revert in few minutes. Changes here woud reflect in immediately on your mail box.

GPRS and EDGE is an old thing now and world is now 3G (3rd Generation) in India. Edge was the 2G and the remarkable difference in data downloading and page browsing. 3G handsets are also available in the market with people now encouraged to buy High End Mobiles, now with the combined efforts of Idea, Airtel, Vodafone and such 3G licensee companies & Nokia, Samsung, LG,Blackberry and Phone people are now more inclined towards high end mobiles and also the new entrants like DOCOMO and Aircel are complimenting with there synchronized moves of the Industry.

A special reference of Blackberry and its efforts I would like to mention here they have made everybody “The Blackberry Boys” now. Mobile device works on the Radio Frequency and it asks for the IP address when the user tries to connect to internet page once the IP address is allocated after connection is established with WWW via WAP and HTT the low end version of the website is available as a page in front.

Here I have few more names and technologies which are making silent significant efforts to this whole reveloution. Mobile OS like Symbian, Windows, Java and Blackberry are now more user friendly and marching along with the Technology. Mobile Internet browsers like Opera Mini, Chrome and many more have made the life of the user more vigilient online. Now with the Mobile versions of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook Social Networking is lot easier and upto date.


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