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I am going talk today about the dream of every middle income family- Car. The Indian Car market has seen many changes from the days when the car is considered to be owned by the royals or blue blood to this day when you could be a car owner if you can pay 1 Lac Rs. Basically the car market in general is divided into Classes and these classes represent the Size the ambience comfort and hence decides the price of the car.
These are the below mentioned classes of Cars present in the market:-
1. Sedan Class or SUV – which includes Huge cars and they are still the royals on road :). Example Honda CRV.
2. MUV – Which Includes Big Cars like innova, Tavera, Sumo, Qualis Etc.
3. Van – These are the cars which made Indians move with the families. Eg. Omni, Versa Etc.
4. Luxury – These class of cars are still out of reach of Middle Income Group but still they are the Eye Candy. Size is above 5000mm Eg. S Class.
5. Premium – They are now more prominent in Big Indian Cities. Are even purchased by Cream of Higher Middle Income Group. Eg. Camry, E Class, Accord, Sonata, Laura, Etc. Size 4701 to 5000 mm.
6. Executive – They are in easy reach of HMIG and they are also classfied on size of range 4501 to 4700 mm. EG – Corolla, Civic, C Class, Ocatvia Etc.
7. Midsize – A perfect Sedan class for MIG. They are of size range 4001 to 4500mm. Eg- City, SX4, Dzire, Logan, Accent, Fiesta, verna Etc. This class is the highest in demand in India.
8. Compact – 3401 to 4000 mm in size an eye catcher in terms of trendy designs and shapes and the varieties. This class used to be the biggest segment in india but now slowly sidelined by the midsized segment. but still the first car for MIG Eg. Star, Swift, i20, Palio, Indica.
9. Mini- Here comes the talk of the town this class despite its size limitation is getting famous as the big city folks are bored of being stuck in traffic Jams in big cars and this segment saves them from this trouble. Has a bright future ahead as this segment made the India taste the flavour of being car owner 9you will understand after reading the example). Eg – Maruti 800, 
So here I am at the end of this post I enjoyed a lot in sharing some info about the cars which must be useful in selecting yours…..


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