10 Free Tools to Ease your Windows File Management

File Management is getting a big problem with the 1TB of Hard Disk searching a data is getting terrible and makes you invest half your day searching for your important file. So here I am with 10 tools which will make your this most pain staking task go easy. These tools are easy to use and solves many day to day troubles related to copy-paste, deletion, undelete, searching files,backing up, file management. Overall solution to every Lappy, PC, Ultra or Mini Book.

The number One solves the biggest trouble SEARCH….
1. Instant Search: Everything
As you Install this application it Indexes all the contents of your hard drive. Once it is done it waits for you at system tray and once you search the file it serves you right away.

2. Better File Copy: Teracopy
Now moving on to the next trouble is copy and it is a big big big problem if the file size is Huge. Your windows default copy program takes lifetime to copy big big files and if any error happens in between it terminates your wait and copied files. The software features includes copied files restoration in case the copy fails, it replaces the default copy program, incase of error it tries to copy the files multiple times. Best about this application is you can pause the Copy and later restart the copy from same stage where you stopped.

3. Tag Files: Elyse

Sometimes the same file can fit in different folders. For example, a photo can find place in a folder for a profile pics, the party it was clicked in, or by date, Instead of keeping multiple copies of the same file you can assign the tags and once you drag drop the file any where in any folders your tag attached helps you find it again.

4. Folder Lists: Filelist Creator
You can filelist the files based on Format, Name, Date of creation, file size, path etc. you have to just enlist according to a criteria you can get the files listed in that criteria. So no problem in giving your boss the required files or giving Mp3 file to your friend.

5. Delete Forever: File Shredder
When you delete a file it is not completly erased from the system later it can be retrieved by many receovery softwares like recuva. What windows does when you hit thre delete button is it hides the file and permanently deletes it when the location of the file is occupied by another file. But what file shredder application does is it removes the file and replaces the file location with various binary data. Hence there is not a single chance of getting rthe file recovered by any recovery application.

6. Smart Backup: Copy Changed Files
This applications helps you copy only those files to your external hard drive which requires a backup since your folders may have many files already copied to hard drive there is no need to copy the same file again. This application compares to and fro folders and checks the date of activity on those files and hence prompts you to whether copy the file or you have the file in destination folder. Hence it saves disk space.

7. Discover Duplicates: Anti-Twin
Remove duplicate files in different folders across your hard disk with this application. Now you have many options available identify files, keep them, move them or delete them.

8. Batch Rename: Metamorphose
This tool is meant for those who want to name multiple files at a time. So this tool is handy for such users. Search File, Batch operation, change syntax, change extensions or names of files.

9. Secure Files: Encrypt on Click
Secure files, folders from sneaking eyes. Select files and folders encrypt it with a password and stay protected. Isn’t it simple.

10. Undelete Data: Recuva
Deleted a file while offloading the size of your hard drive, no worries recuva is here to your rescue. But only thing is you shouldnot have used a shredder (refer Shredder). You get options to recover or undelete the data with Green (easily recoverable), Yellow (difficult to recover) and Red (Permanently deleted) demarkation to let you action accordingly. Also you have option to deep scan the computer hence you can retry to find the file not find in first place.

Hope these 10 fixes are able to fix your all troubles of PC. If you identify such helpful tools, do share with us in comment box.


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