101 Websites for Blogging Geeks!!!

101 Websites for Blogging Geeks

Why 101?

This is my 101st post hence I took this opportunity of first celebrating with my readers the completion of 100 Blog posts on my website and second to help find resources online for my those Blog friends who wants to write but are falling short of Ideas.

Before we proceed ahead with the list of URLs I want to share the concept behind the complete 101 thing. The Portray, outline or the skeleton of the blog can be either inherited from outside or can come as an inspiration but believe me for writing a single post you have to read a lot, for example you want to write post of 1000 characters for writing it in your own words you have to read at least 5K-10K word idea or else you will be short of words in your post and your idea is either half portrayed or is a complete dump in front of the reader who has no idea of what so ever you talking about. I break this concept of finding Idea for your post into 4 parts :-

A. From Search Engines :::: 26 Relevant Links

B. From Other Blog Sites :::: 25 Relevant Links

C. From Online Resources :::: 25 Relevant Links

D. From Social Networking and News Media :::: 25 Relevant Links

Please note that it is not the Top 101 sort of list. They are just arranged as I found them and tried to keep most sought after first.

Search Engines:-

S. No. Search Engine My Comments.
1 www.google.com Currently No. 1 across world with 80+%  users hopping on this site for search
2 www.yahoo.com Number 2 in terms of users
3 www.baidu.com Number 3 globally and number 1 Chinese Web search engine
4 www.bing.com Number 4 in globally and comparable in search results of Google. Previously called as MSN search
5 www.yandex.com Number 5  in global popularity and number 1 in Russia.
6 www.ask.com Also called as Ask Jeeves
7 http://search.aol.com/ A fine product of legendary America Online
8 www.rediff.com Good websites on researching your contents
9 www.khoj.com An Indian Search Engine
10 www.lycos.com
11 www.go.com
12 www.Excite.com
13 www.altavista.com Once top on popularity chart but still relevant.
14 www.snap.com Spices up and design your website along with search engine. So Top up.
15 www.looksmart.com Marketing Focussed Search Engine, Good competition for Google and AdSense with its blog and PPC payment mode for publishers.
16 www.goto.com Only Exclusive Mobile Search Engine
17 www.infoseek.com Now Go.com as the domain is redirecting to Go.com URL, Interactive Video on the home page is eye catcher
18 www.hotbot.com Attractive and colourful Engine with local weather widget on the home page.
19 www.indolink.com India based search engine with local news and content
20 www.webcrawler.com Difference as compared to other sites is they kneat searches of other search engines like, Yahoo, Google and Bing.com
21 www.Iwon.com  Games like Sports, Action, Free Casino on top of this engine for the users a different connect for the user.
22 www.netscape.com
23 www.ragingsearch.com give options to users of Search Engine Optimization, web marketing.
24 www.Chacha.com
25 www.guruji.com
26 www.dogpile.com

Blog Sites:-

S. No. Blog Sites Review
27 www.techcrunch.com Started by Michael Arrington considered number 1 blogger of the world in terms of revenue. Writes  about Silicon Valley Business Ideas.
28 www.labnol.org Started by  Amit Agarwal and now the number 1 Indian Blogger in terms of revenue and reach. Writes about software and Internet tools. Sidewise owns Indianblogger.org, Digitalinspiration.com, and many more such initiatives.
29 www.mashable.com Number 2 globally in terms of AdSense revenue and owned by Pete Cashmore, writes about Social Media.
30 www.amitbhiwani.com Considered number 2 Indian blogger in terms of AdSense revenue, owned by Mr Amit Bhiwani. Writes about travel, career, health. Also owner of Search Engine Optimization Company.
31 www.perezhilton.com Captures number 3 spot globally owned by  Mario Lavendeira, writes about celebrity gossip.
32 www.shoutmeloud.com A unique of its own number 3 Indian blog owned by Harsh Agarwal. Writes about blogging, wordpress plugin and ways to earn online money.
33 www.timothysykes.com Owned by Timothy Sykes number 4 blogger on earth writes about stock tips and updates.
34 www.savedelete.com A proud member of fantastic 4 of India Jaspal singh writes about internet technology, website reviews etc.
35 www.tutsplus.com At number 5 owned by Collis Taed and writes about web designing and tools.
36 www.trak.in Number 5 Indian blog owned by Arun Prabhudesai, writes about internet technology updates and reviews, business trends.
37 www.gothamist.com Owned by Jake Dobkin at number 6 globally, writes about Newyork city life and happenings.
38 www.nirmaltv.com Indian blog at number 6 owned by Nirmal writes about software reviews, IT tips and tricks.
39 www.venturebeat.com Mr Matt Marshall owned blog at number 7 globally and writes about venture capital and Business startup ideas.
40 www.blogsolute.com owned by Rohit at number 7 Indian blog writing about Social media networking and software reviews.
41 www.lifehacker.com Only Lady in the list at number 8 globally Gina Tripani writes about general topics and online apps.
42 www.devilsworkshop.org Number 8 Indian blog site owned by Rahul writes about technology trends and web 2.0.
43 www.smashingmagzine.com 9th Postioned Global Blogger Vitaly friedmann writes about web designing.
44 www.honeytechblog.com 9th Indian blog owned by Honey singh. Writes about technology updates.
45 www.readwriteblog.com Richard Macmanus owned blog 10th globally in terms of income.
46 www.9lessons.info Srinivas owned number 10 indian blog writing about programming and software technology.
47 www.merabheja.com Fantastic content writing and deep study and good grip on the tip hence one of my favorite blog.
48 www.imtips.co One of the best websites on internet marketing tips and blog owned by Shabbir bhimani, also owns www.shabbir.in
49 www.dailyblogtips.com A good website on SEO and new tools in improving your online visibility owned by Daniel Scoco.
50 www.huffingtonpost.com A great website on general topic very popular  in reviews.
51 www.buzzfeed.com General content about love, life and high on popularity chart.

Online Resources:-

S. No. Online Resources to Read
52 www.insideadsense.blogspot.com
53 www.wikipedia.com
54 www.wikihow.com
55 www.asklaila.com
56 www.googlegroups.com
57 www.freebookspot.com
58 www.4ebooks.com
59 www.encyclopedia.com
60 www.encarta.msn.com
61 www.britannica.com
62 www.ntreasearch.com
63 www.go.grolier.com
64 www.letsfindout.com
65 www.stars.com
66 www.boatshowusa.com
67 www.encyclozine.com
68 www.libraryspot.com
69 www.shotokai.cl
70 www.technorati.com
71 www.doaj.org
72 www.e-journals.org
73 www.freearticles.com
74 www.amazines.com
75 www.articleworld.net
76 www.articlecircle.com

Social Networking and News Media:-

S. No. Social Networking and News Sites
77 www.facebook.com
78 www.twitter.com
79 www.orkut.com
80 www.linkedin.com
81 www.myspace.com
82 www.plus.google.com
83 www.tagged.com
84 www.netlog.com
85 www.mouthshut.com
86 www.hi5.com
87 www.fropper.com
88 www.myyearbook.com
89 www.indiatimes.com
90 www.bbc.com
91 www.ibnlive.in.com
92 www.cnn.com
93 www.aajtak.com
94 www.ndtv.com
95 www.bhaskar.com
96 www.jagran.com
97 www.josh18.com
98 www.hindustantimes.com
99 www.foxnews.com
100 www.thehindu.com
101 www.telegraphindia.com

I have not written anything about some of the Search Engines and social networking, news site because I want my readers to share experiences on following these sites.I gave news sites because there editorials can make you write some best blogs on the planet. The social networking sites keeps you up to date on what is hot on web so your blog should never lag behind in popularity chart.

As the Saying goes a good Speaker is an excellent listener same is with writing good writers are patient readers as they express themselves after researching the subject efficiently and effectively.

Happy Blogging…


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