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There are many sites which shower wisdom with deep professional etiquettes of making your Blog Successful. I appreciate the efforts made by them but what I understood from my experience is that a communication is incomplete if it is not explained in the language of listeners choice as well as the way the listener wants to learn. Hence my site has both the things available. I have a transcript ready to decrypt the language of the contents written here into my readers language and I have the accent(this is my Belief!!) that I can make the communication to my novice, Professionals or mid level blog readers a feel of what there focus may be in making the blog successful. Let’s see ahead how I cook the Recipe of Successful Blog…


Usually people are stuck up with these three points Contents, SEO and Marketing.  But I am not going to say these three points instead I will Introduce  11 Bullets (not bullet Points) through which you can load your Blogging weapon and hit the bulls eye in making your Blog successful. So buckle up and get ready for these Bullets…


  • Provide Food for thought to your readers:-


You think you wrote a cracking material but it is either of context for the readers of your niche or is out-dated or is so monotonic that it is making the reader bored. They are powering off the laptop and sleeping after reading your post. Isn’t it bad that people are using your posts to sleep in place of sleeping pills. The content is always a king but Ace is “Is your blog post able to make your readers think?”


This is the Only difference between No. 1 Blogger and rest others.


  • Follow experienced and expert People (But ready to help and of same Niche):-

You must have read the first part of advice many times some where else but believe me second part of it is more Important. Let’s consider two situations comment your Ideas below the post what you think you will do:-

A. ABC is a successful Blogger writing about Gardening and related stuff, XYZ is a new tech blogger and a big fan of writing talent of ABC. Should XYZ make ABC his blogging guide.

I think the answer is No the reason is that the ABC is no doubt good in writing but his niche is gardening and the XYZ’s niche is tech stuff. ABC cannot teach him how to address the tech readers. Hence XYZ should search for another Guide who has the capabilities of ABC but is of same niche.

B. Second Situation says  XYZ found Mr. 456 to be a guide he is of same niche and is good in writing, But Mr. 456 is not responding to Mails, tweets and Facebook comments of XYZ. So should XYZ make 456 a guide like Dronacharya of Mahabharata and follow him just reading his blog post, tweets, messages on Facebook. I think No the biggest role of a Guide(or You can call Him Guru) is he is an active listener but a passive speaker. He listens and understands trouble of his subject but responds in a way which is understandable to the subject. But in this situation Guru is not at all responding I think XYZ should continue with his search for another Guide.

The juice of Bullet number 2 is find guide in Blogosphere who can work both as a Guide as well as Advisor and he should be your well wisher.Follow above said advices sooner later you will surely find some good guide.


  • Rework on your old Post


You are a great blogger in 2012 but few years ago you are not so experience hence you made few not so good post. Now is the time that you rework on the context of those posts and making them more meaningful and rich for the current date. Sometime your readers build your image as a blogger by reading your old posts and hence you should make their experience not-so-good one. Go back at your old posts rework on them and make them fabulous like your other posts these days. This task can come handy when you are short of Ideas and you are unable to think of new Idea to write about. So go back and check what you can do to make your old posts look fabulous.


  • Write like a human not like a Machine

This is the fourth Bullet and this is quiet important remember the readers have subscribed to somebody human who is writing day and night. Hence they understand that even he can make some mistakes. He may have some views which is not exactly right. Leave the fear that 1000-10,000 readers are now subscribed to your blog and hence these Mark, Peters, Martha, Philip think that whatever you are writing is falling of the sky. So think you and yourself both as a human before writing any post. Write your heart out in the post. You may not be correct always but readers are subscribed to read what is your views right or wrong comes after that. After all you a human being not a robot or machine or humanoid writing. So being yourself is quiet important while writing.


  • Skip posting sometimes

This may raise eyebrow of those marathon writers who think posting 10 times a day is the secret of success. But what I think sometimes when you skip writing post. You rehabilitate and read a lot at that time so when you comeback to your writing spree again you are:-


a.) Fresh with new ideas hence writing is not stressful.

b.) You can spend sometime reviewing your progress as a blogger and as a reader and keep inspiring readers.

C.) You write with more speed and you don’t feel burnt out. After all your readers deserve the Best.


  • Translations of your Post

if you want to make your blog really viral across the globe please please please attach translation widget to your blog. Reasons are quiet many the readers are not necessarily equipped for your Fantastic English skills the result is the reader find himself lost as he is loosing touch of the content you are talking about. If you make the post translate for him he will make your blog go viral in between his fellow non-English speaking community.


  • Be Unique- But nothing wrong in being Inspired

Here at this point I say that be unique easy to say hard to follow. So nothing wrong in being inspired from other blog post. Read as many articles as you can for the post that you are going to write about. Process them all in your mind and come up with such a content which is not written by them. People are looking for something which they have no read anywhere else. Which you can only know when you read similar posts and get some inspirations. Nothing wrong in it just maintain your individuality is the key to success.


  • Subscribe to as many blogs of same niche to scan

You are a blogger of your own accord and you need time to spend writing your own content. Before becoming a good blogger you should be a good reader. Because if you start reading all the posts which you have subscribed to I am sure you need 48 Hours a day to read and write. A good blogger can understand the content only by scanning a post. So be a scanner not a reader but a good blogger not copier. Smile


  • First Write than Beautify your post

When you start writing your post the focus should be on how to write a quality content and make readers experience as good as possible with quality content. After you are done with the writing part beautify your post with relevant Images, similar articles and other beautification work. This also makes you reread your post and hence the proof reading is also done after writing with beautification. It is a distraction of you write and beautify at a time.


  • Refer some articles to read for your Readers

You are here writing the post to make your reader experience good about your blog. So be open hearted what is wrong if you place some similar articles of other bloggers on your post. One day same would be done by other bloggers. In early days of your writing it is quiet difficult to find many posts of similar niche from your own blog post. Keep relevant articles only to 5 suggestions. You may have more suggestions but your readers don’t have much patience to go through each one of them so keep suggestive articles to five only.


  • Confidence in your Post

I referred in my previous bullets regarding reading a lot before writing. This brings confidence in you that you know what you are talking about. If you are confident what you are writing is the best which you readers can read on this topic. The content which will come out will be best. Because the confidence while writing your post reflects to your readers. Remain confident despite the criticism. Because those are criticized who have some view. And you are here to show your view to the world. Remain open to the criticism this gives you Confidence while writing. Take this point in this way you are criticised because you are read, if you are not criticised means that you are not read at all. Obviously you want yourself to be read.


Thank you for reading the post and hope this would have given a new view to the Blogging world. Now you have enough ammunition to hit the Blogging Success, I am looking for your Success Bullets to be a successful Blogger press the trigger(I mean comment below) and I will be more than happy to converse with you on this topic.



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