3R’s of Blogging Success

I am going to talk about the 3Rs which are usually talked about a lot on this blog and it is quoted here and there, with this post I want to clarify the 3Rs and how are they going to make your Blogging Journey Successful. Now let us see how if you are setting these 3Rs right on your blog they are going to twist the story for you in Blogging career.

3 R's of Blogging Success

  • ¬†Right Target Audience

It is Like hitting the right string to make a song awesome, You must be aware of what is your target audience? what are the requirements of these set of people ? What are their expectations for fulfilling this desire? If you have got the right target audience you are in the right direction. But selection also depends on the niche of your Blog if you are going to talk about the various Indian Sweets I am sure you are targeting a very small set of audience. How see in the below Graph how this audience is small in number:-

Indian–> You are choosing only Dishes why not the whole world, if not world atleast a region say Asian

Sweets–> You yourself has dug the grave for this blog because you are targeting small audience plus you are also limiting this cookery blog to sweets. My recommendation is to increase the target to Asian and make it Dishes in place of Sweets, if you don’t want to compromise on both the aspects atleast widen the horizon of one of the thing. Either make it Asian Sweets or Indian Dishes.

Make sure you have a suitable set of target customers and also you have a deep niche so you can atleast post 15K posts if you are choosing a shallow niche with a small set of audience the chances of blog being failure is higher. So target the audience by promotion making them read your content and understand depth of your understanding and knowledge about the subject. Always remember that you are representing your brand in place of yourself, this will keep you focused in approach.

  • Right Time

If you are talking about your website about Cooking Indian Dishes and publishing the content in the Night time as per IST when people are sleeping, or is sending email newsletter in the night is waste if effort you are putting in reaching the audience first. Whoever reaches  the potential audience at first has a higher chances of being read. But I am not discouraging you to send the Email newletter in the night time. You have to judge it by yourself as per your niche and the behavior of the audience which times suits them as you are sending emails to them. This could be tested by simply changing the time of posting and publishing newsletter. Analyze after every 10th Day whether your audience is responding promptly to your Emails or new posts. Usually it is researched that in any Time zone period between 2Pm-5Pm is the best time to push the newsletter. Hence if you have lots of audience of a particular timezone you can reach them at a particular time. Same is for post publish time you have to publish at different times to check which time the hits on the same set of topics yields best results. Freshness of the content is important for your niche also plays an important role for making efforts and understanding the timing of the post. Say if you are into Gadget reviews niche you should be first to publish and freshness is very important for your niche. Whereas if you are into howto blog niche mostly you are going to publish evergreen content. It is of not much importance for you.

  • Right Content

Content is the king and henc the king always comes at the last but its importance is always at the top of any of it. Your all efforts of Right target, Right Time will fail if you have low quality or confused content to right upon. So be always in the same mood of writing and be yourself only being yourself can help you establish your consistency in audience. And if audience is synced to your way of writing it should never be changed as it is not good for experience as a reader if your writer presents itself as a happy go lucky personality and suddenly in the second post the energy enthusiasm and happiness went below the earth. You will probably click on unsubscribe button if you see such a magnitude of change in presentation of ideas. Now moving to the content the niche should be maintained any how except if you have hundreds of staff writing for you 100 post a day to subscriber base of 1 lac people.

Now you have three right R’s in hand and you will scale heights of success by keeping these R’s in the right direction. Beyond this R’s is only improvement and how you brush your skills and the Blogging after all is the Art of Presentation of Ideas in front of an Audience. How you fix your R’s of Success? What are your secrets of Blogging Success? Share your inputs in here and if you have a specific tip for fixing these R’s please feel free to share your views in comments below.

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