Amazon Kindle Fire:::Expected Launch of New Models This Year



One of the most awaited and hyped models of the tablets from Online Shopping Giant is expected this year. Three models from the going in to join the band wagon of already running Amazon Kindle Fire tablets. Now going deep into the details of the these Kindle models lets imagine how they going to looks like:-


The new models of kindle fire will have three variants:-

A) Low-End 7” Inch display 1024 by 600 resolution

B) Mid-End 7” inch 1280-by-800 resolution and

C) And a High-End 8.9” inch tablet with 1920-by-1200 resolution display.

The detailed version in terms of configuration and features of these models are awaited from Amazon. Existing Kindle fire models are manufactured by Quanta, but for the new low-end resolution Hon Hai foxconn is called upon to assemble the low-end 1024*600 resolution model. In this step of Amazon I find a new strategy of the company first is to target the low end tablet user segment and also to increase earning from handset sale which is in bad shape right now hence improving the accounting books of the Product BU. As per the reports the existing model of kindle fire is sold with $3-$19 loss to match the competitors. Which is anyways compensated by the sale of addon and relevant apps.


A brief introduction for those readers who are new to the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet. The existing model of kindle fire comes with 7 inch multi-touch display and 600*1024 pixel resolution backed with a strong 1Ghz dual core Processor optimized for Android 2.3 OS. Sometimes this product is referred as Android Version of Kindle reader. The Kindle fire is packed for reading Digital books(Another Product of Amazon called Kindle is meant to read digital books), Digital comics, Web Browsing, Movie Streaming.

Despite being criticized for the Hardware constraints of the existing model lets see how Amazon is going to come up with the improved set of software and suitable matching hardware models. Hope to see a good fight in between Samsung Galaxy S3/Apple Ipad3/Amazon Kindle Fire in the tablet market.



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