Analog Monitoring System using Time Division Multiplexing

Analog Monitoring System was designed to Monitor a location a Building or a premises for security. It is a Security System. As this device could identify any change happening in the premises or the area in question in ways of Change in temperature, Forced Entry or Wall Barricade Break or Unwanted movement with the help of sensor Any security aspect (A Whooping 256 ways of Security).,  It could be controlled both Automatically and Manually. The system works on the principal of 0 and 1 in simple words. If Monitored value is supposed to be 0 is 1 now is an abrupt change for the system could alarm the concerned of the change and could close doors or even start the water sprinklers incase of fire. Time Division Multiplexing is the Multiplexing Technique in which Time is divided and hence the mutiplexing technique get hold of the changes in time and these changes could be shown in graphical format and hence abrupt changes are noticable both by the system and the man.A threshold value for the temperature and the sensitivity could be set to ensure the timely alarm for the value beyond the permissible limit.It has a Software part as well which takes care of the input received from the peripherals and process it accordingly. Here TDM plays an important role like the frequency divided into time slots and time slots are provided to the Mobile to burst out the messages to the BTSs similarly the Time slots are used to check and make sure that everything is normal in the premises and nothing unusual is happening in notice of the system.
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