Book Review::Monk who sold his Ferrari

Money is not everything

Considering the fact that the writer of book Monk who sold his Ferrari Mr. Robin Sharma is now established as a legendary author in Leadership and Inspiration beyond the boundary of criticism. I want to share experience as a reader of this book to make other readers understand what to gain out of this book and for those who missed reading this master piece. To start with the storyline story teller himself is a character in this book.

Book Review-The Monk who sold his ferrariEssence of Book:-

I want to give a hint of this books story-line so as to develop interest in this book. The book starts with Money is Life (Which is lead by most of us) attitude of a lawyer and the gravy consequences of it. The lawyer came back to track and understood right way of leading life when he was struck by Hard Stick of God. Lawyer understood the hint from god and transformed himself to become a new self. He also preaches what he learnt and the way of preaching is though a discussion in between the author and his accomplice. The book has a well knit script and writer has succeeded to make readers portray the script with his words. The book should be read at-least twice or thrice as every-time you read it will teach you a new message of the author.

Author has used common life situations to make readers understand the message of the book. The book is for those readers who wants to read something refreshing and rejuvenating thought towards life. The best part of this story is any inspirational book are usually targeted towards a particular set of people in the society. But this book is every one you are a house wife, working professorial, Business Owner or of any field or income group. This book will tell you what are the things in life which are more important than money. There are many more things to greed about and if this inspiration is met with leadership thoughts I am sure it is a bonus for any reader. So read this book now and be enlightened.


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