Factors Affecting Google Page Ranking-41/200- Reading Level

Reading level is the place which tells the expertise and command of the author over the subject. The reading level as per the experiments conducted by Bill from Linchpinseo in which he says clearly that with his tests we can conclude that which site is actually offering which is claimed by the webmaster in terms of quality. Because reading level is the parameter which can show that how Google sees the level of content of a website. So if the site has more basic level content it means that the content which is offered for the startup guys not for the advance level experts. But as per my understanding when you are building top notch content for the global audience actually you are making your site extreme end of the niche. And this will become harmful as you wont be able to get the global audience which are either in the intermediate or the basic level. So as per me if you are compromising on the expert level of reading until and unless your focus group is not the top most super geeky people. You are not loosing anything but you are going to grow up your audience as the maximum people who are surfing are not of the expert category but of either basic or intermediate level in expertise as the expert people usually don’t require help and they don’t surf much for their problems.

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Now we will see in this article what other bloggers are maintaining the reading level. But as of me Intermediate and a bit of Basic level is good in the long run. Because if you have basic level many a readers who are new into your niche will come and read your articles. And once they are up in the level of being intermediate they can see a lot more content on your blog. So you never run out of the readers and the visitors on your blog. As with the rising level of the expertise the expectation level also is on the high and to meet the expectation level of the people who are already aware of the things becomes difficult. So let’s see what prominent blogging sites have to offer in terms of reading level. But before that we will see how reading level can be checked, in Google search you have to click on the Search tools below the search bar.

Search Tools


The circle search tools will come with the All Results in the below screenshot when you click on the All Results tab it comes with a drop down which says Reading Level. So here is the way to locate reading level for any website.

Reading Level


In the next screen shot you will see how the Lifehacker reading level looks like and similarly we will see what other prominent blog sites are fit for.

lifehacker - Reading Level



mashable - Reading Level

huffington post - Reading Leveltechcrunch - Reading Level

If you see the above four prominent blogging sites among the four the most basic of the blog is Techcrunch(Alexa Ranking- 705) and the most techie of all of them is Mashable(Alexa Ranking- 458). Now these are the two ends in which if you want the most basic level of understanding of niche techcrunch is offering and the best tech stuff or the most advance stuff in offering is with Mashable. If you want the middle of both of them you can opt for huffington post(Alexa Ranking- 100) and above it is lifehacker(Alexa Ranking- 778) which has more tilt on the how things work and do it yourself kind of stuff. Similarly you can analyze any web property as seen by Google and which is indicative of the Google Ranking.


With this we can conclude that the best way to be at the top of the search ranking is to be level in both the things basic things and the tech DIY tutorials like Huffingtonpost.com and the other way round is if you can concentrate on the Intermediate level of understanding of readers as done by Mashable.com you can be successful, Other than this success is no Rocket Science. Have you analyzed websites like this any time before, I want to see your comments and feedback in the comments below.


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