Happy Republic Day!!

Would like to wish everyone Happy Republic Day!!What is the meaning of being Republic. This question is genuine if seen in the perspective that in these days of chaos. We forgot many things which we cannot complain that it is not taught, it is taught but our a period of time a layer of silt covered those learning.

I would like to ask few questions with all of us. Appreciate if somebody could reply by comments. It is a close book questionnaire please reply with your memory :-
1. What is our national anthem and national song?
2. National animal, national bird?
3. Number of states and union territories?
4. Who governs union territories?
5. Last liberated state of India?
6. What is Gazette of India?
7. How many languages listed under Indian constitution?
8. Four Pillars of Indian Constitution and what is the emblem of India?
9. What is the official Language of Government of India?
10. What are citizen rights and duties of Citizen?

Simple Na, these questions may seem like a revisit to civics subject which we left long back. But if we ensure that our kids should learn and byheart these topics they should be taught civics every year compulsory and should adult be given a refresher course every year for a week.

Above two things ensure empowered and enlightened future citizens and a learned citizens of present. If someone skips the yearly refresher would be liable to pay a surcharge of 10% Tax over and above his actual Tax liability. May be  things could turn the fortune of Republic Of India.

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