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This is a very important topic for the youths of a developing country like India. Youths these days are undergoing various mental and physical disorders. The reasons they are on a big high is due to imbalance in life style. As it is always said “Precaution is Better than cure”. We are here to discuss what are the best practices which makes your life healthier and lead you to a stress free and happy living.


The mental stress is increasing in a alarming manner in Indians as well as people of other developing countries. And this mental stress is coming with various ailments along with it. I heard Heart Disease to a person of just 24 Years and a cataract operation of a youth of 28 Yrs. Now how to get rid of such ailments pops up in mind. I want to say frankly here if any ailment holds grip on you it is only like a repair work after damage to a building. How to save your body which is called temple in ancient times is the topic of discussion here. Below are those exercises which makes you physically and mentally healthier :-

A.) Yoga

B.) Meditation

C.) Breathing Exercise

D.) Guided Imagery

I am not going to give here the complete description of these techniques but here I suggest you to do some Google yourself or click on above links for you to go through and learn the way of living healthy.


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