How to Perform well in Job…Prob​lems and Possible Solutions

How to be a good performer is a question which haunts every professional once or more in life.
The obstructions and possible solutions are as follows:-
1. You were expecting promotion or increment but it never happened and you fall in the grave of disappointment.
Sol:- point is whom you expected from, someone who is out of your control. But see around there are many people without job and atleast you have bread and butter to survive. Start looking for new jobs and internal job openings but do the work assigned to you with sincerity as if it is the only work you have. You are paid to work so you should justify it to management.
2. Deviation at work: Politics at work place, Boss not supportive.
Sol:- See yourself as a star you are not here due to luck by chance but you are here because you were capable to be here. Politicians have a short life and believe they are present everywhere but if you have believe upon yourself and ability to forget the past setbacks due to politics believe me you are going to be a Real Star at workplace. Small setbacks will not make much difference but keeping it in heart would drag you to pit which leads no where. Boss is not supportive look for his boss and if he is also not supportive go more higher in the hierarchy there must be someone who could support you and these people are also present everywhere only you require is judgement and positive approach.
3. Peer being a star Jealous factor.
Sol:- if your peer proves himself a hero believe me your life may be tough ahead not because you become jealous and your performance would dip, but he sets the bar high and you need to crossover. Solution to this is keep looking for situations where your boss is helpless and he needs urgent help and you come out of croud and escape him from the situation. Now you are at place of your peer :-).
Tough time has a short time span but the good time is long lasting!!! So Cheer up. 🙂 🙂
Good Luck!


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