Imperialistic Educational System

The Imperialistic approach in Indian Education system needs overhauling. It is widely accepted that there is no harm in the current christian/church based Convent Education system. But what is wrong in a Vedic or Islamic Educational systems?

The vedic system gave the leaders like Idealistic Shri Ram, the great warrior Arjun, great leaders like Krishna and Vivekanand. Our Ex-President  APJ Abul Kalam Azad, Raja Ram Mohan Roy came out from this old education system. We cannot discard or trash any system which has delivered and shown its galore since many centuries. If your answer says yes the vedic or the old systems are ok then I will ask why we prefer any school with so called conventional-ism. Why not DAV or MVM be preferred only because there name says Vedic and Vidya not some English name. I understand we were a colony for about 200 years but we are free since 64 years. So why not thinking has matured since 64 years.

We can get excellent performers from these Institutions but we will never get a perfect Human being a good Indians from these convents. English or any language is not hated in India but every system every aspect of a photograph makes it a perfect picture. We always say what a beautiful Pic rather a beautiful picture with lovely roses but not so lovely lotus. So a balancing act is required both from the policy makers and policy followers to balance the Educational Picture of India.

Save this Diversified Garden of versatile Flowers called India. Else a foreign weed will eat up the beauty of Diversity.

Now last some food for thought:-

Following someones is Easy but making your own way is difficult. 
The Easiest way usually lead to pitfall.

Think about it!


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