Is Fire Brand Public Speaking Days Over?

We are going under a Phase of change in Leading and Public Speaking in India. Like It is said in Fashion Industry that fashion always  returns same thing is happening in Public Speaking, Gandhian Ways of Agitation and Public Speaking is re sprouting in our new aged Leaders, and this carries a positive change. Because we have seen the Days of Fire Brand Public Speaking the Speaker even could not remember what he said five minutes ago forget about the crowd which is listen to him.

The reason behind this was the words which were coming out of the mouth was of a Angry mind and making many minds more Angrier. Now in this New way of speaking The words coming out of the mouth of the Speaker is words of a peaceful mind and even remembered by the people for generations. Taking Example of the recent movement lead by Shri Anna Hazare I have read somewhere that this movement has raised the Bar for the people coming for march or agitation in the future. Lakhs of People on the street without any mishap supporting and helping each other in the March and Public Gathering is a good and a Healthy sign for future Democratic movements.

We have seen much blood shedding in the past in many movements and they made not much difference in the lives of the people. Now this new way of Peaceful Gandhian Movement has a Technological Tip as well as the people are  informed and communicated by Facebook, Twitter and Emailing . This Technological addition has brought in the new variant of Movements and also put on more responsibility on the Leaders as wrong usage could lead to a huge mishap as we have seen recently in the London same Technology in the hands of the Devils has converted a Disturbance into RIOT.
Just to conclude that this new mode of Agitation and Public Speaking has Opened new Avenues for future leaders and lets hope it would make our Country and Democracy more Strong and Vibrant.

Jai Hind Jai Bharat.


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