Nuclear Energy Generation

There are many discussions in the country post NSG clearance to India for the uninterrupted supply of Nuclear Fuel. This source of energy has the biggest is the benefit that this energy gives you enormous energy without much effort. But the disadvantage is the Nuclear Energy source is a perishable source and the waste of this energy is very tedious and cumbersome job to get dumped due to the radioactive nature it is harmful to human if kept in between population.

So We understood the pros and cons of this Energy source now we try to understand the Method of getting the Electricity out of this source.
Like other Electric Generation plant here also the concept is same Turbine is to be rotated and the rotation is in perpendicular to a Magnetic Field and as per┬áthe Kirchoff’s law the Magnetic Field in perpendicular to a turbine once rotated generates electricity. Now the question is how this happens in case of Nuclear Power Plant. In case of nuclear power plant the fission and fusion reactors are the two types of them, In fusion process two atoms collide to convert into a single atom and release some energy and collides to a third atom to create an atom and i.e how the energy to bind these atoms make the turbine rotate. This reactor is controlled by adding no further atom.
Second type is fission reactor in which two atoms collide with the help of a atom collider and creates a third atom and now three atoms collide to another three atoms to create further more atoms and this process creates a lot of energ and again these reactors are controlled by withdrawing the atoms to make sure there is only 1 atom which could not collide any where.

Plutonium and Uranium is used as a fuel for these reactors and these are found commonly in Australia and US but not much in India hence for generation of Electricity we need more such reactors. Uranium plates are inserted and removed from the reactor to control the energy generation.

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