Quotable Quotes and Suggestable Suggestions..

I wished to share few quotable quotes so just collected few of them good if it is implemented at home or office and surely would keep quoting few more once a new collection is ready with me.

Quotes for Official Life:-

1. Keep yourself busy in office as it can bring many unexpected good results.
2. Outcry of constraints in front of management is important.
3. Make management feel that something is happening on daily basis in your area of responsibility. Share updates analysis and reports on daily basis.

4. Be Ready to take new challenge but not on the cost of existing job.
5. Keep looking for chances catch the opportunity because small wins ultimately decides the outcome of war.
6. Behave well with everyone to expect same from others.

Quotes for Personal Life:-
1. Wear your day.
2. Winning should be a habit and lose should be a phase to by.
3. Be a critic of your own.
4. The fight is between you and you no one else in the world whom you should compete with.
5. Monitor the graph of self growth on weekly basis and it should show exponential growth.
6. Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.
7. Start your day with the hope that today is better than yesterday.
8. Situations to get good and worse is in our hand.
9. Remember 80:20 rule:- 80 things are in our hand and forget about rest 20.
10. Love to music is love to good.


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