Sayonara 2011 Welcome 2012

A Scintillating year has come to an end in this year we have seen many successful and encouraging People rising in other countries for the call of human hood and the impact of it on Indian people. We have seen the August kranti in which the people have came out in front to show the government that they are unhappy and we wont wait for next 5 years for our turn to speak up in election. Democracy could never be run in the manner when we the people are allowed to speak only once and after that politics and politicians keeps singing for the next 5 years and we as a hoard of chained animals be asked to listen to there furious and foul music.

Whatever be the reason the politics and policy makers should be recalled that they are working for the people not the people working for them. They are elected by us not by God. Anyways moving on in this year a long wait since 1983 has came to end and we won the Cricket World Cup. Again the Indian People dance to the occasion and our well knit culture came up with different happy faces clicked by media photographers.

This year also showed us the mirror of facts on rising economy, India Shining and similar political gimmick on which we danced previously on various occasion. Economy goofed up, Share Market shed blood  and D Evaluating rupee pinched us this year.

Here I remember a saying well said usually by a Hindi News Anchor :- “Isi Ummed se ki Humara aane waala kal aaj se behtar Hoga Main vida leta hun. Aapka Pyara 2011”

Welcome 2012….Happy New Year to All of You and Hope this Year we all be a Good Citizen Respected Indians and a Better Human being.

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