Top 100 Ideas for Niche Blog

Top 100 Ideas for Niche Blog

Was just browsing and found that blogging in this era is getting difficult as the number of blogs are increasing. The market for bloggers looking to earn for living through blogging is getting tougher and tougher. To eradicate one of the biggest trouble of my fellow new bloggers. This post shows top 100 Ideas of blogging which I identified over a period of time and which can make you shine in online world. But before we proceed I want to inform that these niche are my experience so hope this is for your help. There may be a huge world of other niches but this post is for those who are either confused in between two of them or are looking for alternatives for a second website.

Niche Blogging is always indicative of the seriousness of the blogger and readers knows what they are supposed to get out of your blog. Hence the subscribers to your blog will always know what could be next and they are interested what you are talking about. The two way interaction is important for any blog to be successful and it is the biggest challenge for any blogger to make his readers comment on his post. This shows the importance of niche because generally only those readers reply or come in discussion which are either interested in the topic or has knowledge in the subject. Niche blog makes sure that only readers which are interested will enjoy your content.

So here we are with the list of Top 100 Ideas for Niche Blog which will help you select once niche for your blog:-

1. Mobile Review:-
2. Book review:-
3. Blogging:-
4. How to Blog:-
5. SEO:-
6. Breaking News:-
7. Silicon Valley:-
8. Technology:-
9. How To:-
10. Politics
11. Spirituality
12. Philosphy
13. Religion
14. Culture
15. Travel:-
16. Business
17. Finance
18. Celebrity Gossip:-
19. Medicine and cure
20. Journalism
21. Web Designing
22. E-Learning
23. Programming
24. Cooking
25. Sports
26. Education
27. Photography
28. Creativity and Arts
29. Music
30. Dancing
31. Fashion
32. Parenting
33. History
34. Space Research
35. Electronic Gadgets
36. Website Review
37. Parenting
38. Love
39. Psychology
40. Personal Diary
41. Real Estate
42. Bidding
43. Discount Coupons
44. Jokes and Comedy
45. Freeware and Apps
46. Mobile Apps Review
47. Television Program Review
48. Funny Videos and Pics
49. Enlist:- 100 Android Apps etc.
50. Search Engine Marketing
51. Interview
52. Company Reviews
53. Latest Web News
54. Compare Blog
55. Gossip
56. Human Resource Management
57. Offline Marketing
58. Telecom
59. Aeronautics
60. Physics, Chemistry or Maths
61. Irrigation Blog
62. Animal Husbandry
63. Health and Fitness
64. Communication Skills
65. Personal Development
66. Self Defense
67. Cyber Crime and Laws
68. Ethical Hacking
69. Video Games
70. Gardening
71. Self-Employment
72. Writing Skills
73. Musical Instruments
74. Automobile Maintenance
75. Car and Motor bike Reviews
76. How to Learn A Language
77. Quiz
78. Entertainment
79. Movie Review
80. About Search Engine like Google- How Search Works and things like that
81. Hypothetical:- Like What if Google acquires every search Engine on planet? What if there is no Facebook?
82. About MS Office Application like Excel:-
83. Story writing tips and Ideas
84. Finance
85. Money making tips
86. Songs and Lyrics
87. Home Decoration and Furnishing
88. Shopping
89. Controversy
90. Stock Market
91. Tips and tricks
92. Ask:-,
93. Conference writeups
94. Contest and Poll
95. Career tips
96. Social media Marketing
97. Colleges and Further Studies- Reviews tips and tricks
98. About WordPress Plugins
99. Themes for WordPress
100. Wedding

I mentioned some of the prominent blogger in the niche I am aware of and rest I left for you to Google in Google Blogs There are 100,000 more ideas to keep them as your niche but I suggest few things which help you in concluding a niche out of this whole list. Ask these questions before going through my suggestion.

What is the Purpose of your Blog?

Do you want to make money our of this blog. Then stick to the niche which both suits your interest and is giving lots of money. Many bloggers are there who are earning fortunes out of blogging. Catch hold of there niche and probably you can figure out which one you want to go with. Catch the latest trends in Google trends or similar sites which talks about latest updates from online world. Choose the niche which has lowest competition and highest return of investment.

If you are not interested in money making then your choices are much easier. Choose the one which is closest to your heart. After all you are not writing for the world but for yourself. And believe me people who are writing for themselves are the most satisfied and happiest people online.

What you can talk about Day In and Day Out tirelessly?

Pickup a topic from above 100 list and talk about it for an hour but don’t see the watch or the wall clock while you are talking about it. Let your friend be your timekeeper, If you are done with the topic within an hour look for another one. If you go beyond it say 2-3 hours this means this is the topic you are looking for and Start your blogging journey right away. 🙂

If you are still in the dilemma of which topic to choose for follow below suggestion:-


A. Select 10 Niches out of the 100 said list.
B. Enlist them all in a descending order of interest.
C. Now Take top 2 out of these niches.
D. And start writing about these topics till you are short of words or you feel that much only you know about it. I give you a better shortcut to writing if you are not feeling comfortable writing. Write down the synonyms or similar words to that niche or anything which comes in your mind if you think about that topic. Enlist them all. But don’t put in the numbering to them.
E. Take the second topic and similarly write about it or enlist as I said in above point.

Whoever topic has higher number of pages in which you wrote about it or the higher number of words that synonyms your topic is your favorite one.

So now you must be unchained to select your niche go and write the best you know about that topic. Please share your experience while you select your niche and anything you want to add upon.


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