Various Vendors Systems and the Technologies-Part 3

Nokia:- Nokia System has the advantage of few upgrades stable nature and least update required. User friendly looks and designed to be Unique could be the right word like Lucent and Ericsson you need to remember the complete and correct commands whereas in Huawei, ZTE and Siemens if you have a hint of the start of the command you can type and the system would show you the keyed in words releavent commands to select with. Unlikely Ericsson Huawei and ZTE it is less popular as very less Telecom operators in India are using its systems. But yes in terms of stablity and likes its one of my favorites, you enjoy giving commands on Nokia System, Again like the new Ericsson and Huawei ZTE the system has soft switch design hence no Monolithic like Lucent and Old versions of Ericsson. Another point is there are very few people who have expertise on this system, as they are very limited in numbers across india.
Siemens:- It is a established name in the field of Telecom with uninterrupted service since a decade.The Siemens has an added advatage of system having E1s called DIUs have different DIUs for Fixed Line Connectivity Announcements and Mobile Connectivity. Hence no Echo and Interruption in services. DEC Non-DEC. It has a completly different concept in respect to other vendors as the 63 E1s in a STM are distriuted into LTG and each LTG have DIUs with in it. Hence Each STM card in the MSC have 4 STMs. It is a Monolithic MSC with Routing E1 and TG creation trunk and siglink created on the same GUI. Helpful Menu as the system tells you the command.
ZTE:- The CDMA ZXC10 I worked on is very similar to the Huawei System the only difference is in place of commands the GUI is more comfortable working with Mouse. Hence with the matter of click links are created in the MGW and with the matter of clicks the trunk is created and the cics are given to the trunk and the call testing is done. Strong in IP connectivity more stable than Huawei in inter vendor performance. The MGW and MSC server like the new system in Ericsson and Huawei Systems have different point codes but for other operator we usually give MGW point code with which it routes the call and signaling is created whereas the MSC server point code is meant for internal connectivity with HLR STP IN and other VAS nodes.
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