Visit to Jantar Mantar:::Made Us Proud

Recently I had a Visit to Jantar Mantar and I had few good and bad things to talk about so I thought why not here in my blog I share my experience.

First the Location of Jantar Mantar is a Marvel still after 400 Years secondly the way It was built was to Calculate the distance of stars Moon and Sun in that time with the help of Geometry. It was Built by Maharaj Jai Singh of Jaipur in 1724 so this Instrument shows the reason to be Proud about for we as Indian. But here is something sad about these Scientific discovery Similar Jantar Mantar Built in Mathura and Banaras has extinct long back. Six countries time could be calculated from the Main Instrument and the water tank can help calculate the Delhi’s Local Time.

Heart Breaking thing that happened to my visit is no knowledgable guide is available at such a Historical and Scientific Marvel of Old Times. Jantar Mantar is I am sure could make every Indian Proud of why we are so much respected across world. For this no need to go to Silicon Valley or US/UK/Canada only these small Inventions made by our ancestors if kept alive could make us proud. We donot require certificates from any Country we have the complete Doctorate Degree given by our ancestors to keep hold off. Also another bad thing I noticed about the People who were visiting this Genius Archtectural Beauty of the past that they were getting themselves clicked by the friends, family members standing on this building. I wish to tell them Hello my Dear Friend you are standing on something which is standing since 400+ Years please do not indemnify the Glory of this monument by your Act.

This situation also I blame on non-awareness of the History, Class and Culture of our country. Aristotle, Einstein or more recent Bill Gates we know well but Manu, Aryabhatt we dont know?????

I repeat my Question again to all of us why we want to look for the Certificates when we have a Doctorate Degree of our own?



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