How To Weed out Useless Notifications from Facebook

Facebook is the biggest platform where your friend, friends of friends and friends of friends of friends are posting updating wall. writing something or the other things ending up filling your Inbox making you crazy. Now this is a problem. The Problems solution is not easy but it wills slowly make you get rid of this trouble.

Now the Issue is not people writing to you but the issue is you are not interested in what Friends Friends or His Friends saying about a year old wall post .  Let us understand how to get rid of this trouble:-

1. Open the picture, post or link you comment upon from where you are getting repeated comments.

2. In the post you will find the a link stating ‘Unfollow Post’ given with the ‘Like’ and ‘Comments’ links, click on that. This is the root of your Mail Inbox in pain Smile

Now probably you may be asking of why you need to click on each of them. This is a pain but at least it is better than you ending up deleting post or removing tags from your photos.

One more option of getting rid of this problem if you are crazy about reading all your Facebook notification mails is….

By creating a filter, if you are using Gmail, Yahoo mail you can route all the mails to a particular folder. And later on you Can check all your notifications in the folder segregated to a folder and your Inbox will be clutter free.

Do you know more ways to get rid of the Facebook notifications.



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