What Lies Behind & What lies before are tiny matters Compare to what lies within us….

This topic is not about any Technology but a technology with which we are living. Not only we but all of us since many ages are living in this world and the technology is “WE OURSELF”.

Now the question we can think about now is What is Ourself?

Ourself is our Mind! and it is very complex and with this complexity it sometimes give us Anxiety, Anger, Frustration, happiness, Confidence, Sorrow, Enjoyment, Wisdom, Idea, Path through a difficult Situation. If this mind has so many sentiments. It is a but obvious that mind can sometimes get so much distracted that may mislead to a wrong and hence this thought may help you in dealing with such situations.  The situations may be many but always remember that the situations are there to test the strength of an Individual.

The strength of an Individual is in dealing with the situation with its inner strength rather falling prey to the situations. No situation is bigger than a individual. And hence I recommend to remember these points:-

A. If you are in a bad phase of life Remember your good days.

B. If you are facing a Stronger Competition only remember your strengths rather than your competitors Strengths.

C. If you are unable to concentrate imagine you are the only one who can accomplish this task.

D. If you are tortured by failure of past task think that it is over and now this time asking you to move ahead. So what is the point in thinking and wasting time about something which you cannot change.

E. Difficult task in hand or difficult timelines. If you think that task in hand is Impossible Yes it is Impossible!! seams Crazy…

F. Remember Bad Days are short lived & Good Days remains with you forever.

G. Forget early and regret never.

H. See things in the day what is happening wrong and sleep as if everything is handled by god and everything surrounding you is right.

I. Think alternatives ways of seeing things and probably you can solve complex issues effortlessly.

Hence we can conclude that only it is thinking which makes a person Iconic. So hear the inner voice it is very low and pale initially as practice listening, it gets louder and more clearer. Thinking about past or being tense about future wont make you successful at present in any facet of life.

Be happy with your life and thank god to give you this life. Leave the past don’t think about the future just think about this present.

Because you cannot change past you cannot change the future but what you can change is present. So check everyday that are you on right track what you did to make this world different. What you did best in this day and what you can improve to make your next day better.

It is well said by someone What lies behind & what lies before are tiny matters Compare to what lies within us. So stand up and say I will not change the world but I will change myself to make this world more beautiful.

Thanks for reading this thought and I hope this may have made you think of new ways to see LIFE.


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